Mobile Application Testing

Why Mobile App Testing Is Important

In the highly competitive digital world of mobile applications, If you want the success of a product or company, you need a high quality apps to make the success in market. With new applications for  Android, iOS, BREW, Symbian, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry platforms being released daily, all battling for media attention and consumer dollars, the pressure to get apps built, tested and deployed has never been greater.

We created strategy to perform Challenging Mobile Application Testing:

Testing on Variety of Mobile Devices
Testing for Diversity in Mobile Platforms/OS.
Testing for Mobile network operators.
Testing for Scripting (executing the test script)
Testing on real devices or testing on emulators

Mobile App testing Importance:

Mobile App Testing That Validates and fine tune your

product’s Performance.

Functional Testing
Functional testing ensures that the application is working as per the requirements. Mostly, testing conducted for the user interface and call flows.
Security Testing
To check for authentication and authorization policies, data security, vulnerabilities to hacking, session management and other security standards.
Interrupt Testing
An application while functioning may face several interruptions like Voice / SMS interrupts or network coverage outage and recovery
Usability Testing
To verify the app is achieving its goals and getting a favorable response from users. Competitive Analysis and user friendliness.
Memory Leakage
Due to high memory usage & Garbage Collection, An app is unable to manage the memory, result poor performance & slowdown the system.
Installation Testing
We covers new app installation, updating and uninstalling. Target install process goes smoothly without the user having to face any difficulty.
Performance Testing
To check the performance and behavior of the application under certain conditions such as low battery & coverage, low memory, simultaneous access to application’s server by several users.
Certification Testing
To get a certificate of compliance, each mobile device needs to be tested against the guidelines set by different mobile platforms and also Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM).
Operational Testing
Most of mobile OS provides in-built back-up and recovery operational functions. To test that the particular back-up and recovery process is working properly and responding as per the requirement.